End of year accounts

Each year, every company is required to prepare its annual accounts and pay tax on any profit made. If you run a limited company then you are required by law to send certain information to HMRC and Companies House. This is not only to ensure that your company pays the correct amount of tax, it’s also to provide accurate information about your company to banks, shareholders, and potential investors.

Because it’s a statutory requirement, there are penalties for omitting information or getting it wrong. That’s why it’s vital that end of year accounts are accurately compiled by an experienced Chartered Accountancy team.

Kalirai & Co. will not only ensure that your end of year accounts are prepared in full, we will also explore ways that you can legally minimise your tax liabilities, making more money available to re-invest back into your business. Timely, accurate accounts will ensure you meet all your legal and tax obligations, while ensuring your tax affairs are efficient and your business can plan for the future.

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