Whether your business turnover means you have to register with HMRC for VAT or you have voluntarily chosen to do so, then ensuing paperwork and administration is accurate can be onerous. It requires meticulous book-keeping and timely submission of VAT returns to avoid incurring unnecessary interest and surcharges.   

As experienced tax advisors, we can suggest which might be the best VAT system for your business and can help you keep track of your VAT liabilities, ensuring full compliance with MTD requirements.

MTD Compliance

Beginning in 2019 and rolling out to every VAT registered business in April 2020, Making Tax Digital (MTD) represents a fundamental change to the way the UK does business and how tax is administered. It impacts on how businesses maintain their accounting and tax records, and how they engage with HMRC. VAT registered businesses are now required to keep digital accounting records, and to use a compatible software product to submit updates and returns to HMRC.

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